Questionnaire: Where we begin.

I have found these questions helpful in bringing our life's longing into focus – a way of starting a conversation with our deepest desire for healing.

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To begin, check all boxes that seem to apply to you.

Life Ease or Flow
Do you feel that your life is out of control?
Do you feel overwhelmed but cannot stop?
Does life feel like it is moving too fast and there is no end to events piling up on themselves?
Do you struggle with putting limitations in certain areas of your life?
Do you struggle with a feeling of your own limitations?
Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you have limiting self-beliefs that stop you from fufilling your deepest and greatest dreams?
Do you struggle with internal harsh criticizing voices?
Do you long for freedom from feelings of frustration?
Do you struggle with authority figures?
Do you suffer from depression?
Do you fear you are not living to your greatest creative potential?

Passion or Deep Longing
Is finding balance difficult in your life?
Is it a struggle to integrate your religious or spiritual feelings with living life as a human being?
Has the flame of your passion for life diminished?
Do you long to find beauty, purpose, and balance in your life?
Do you long to find meaning in your life?
Is it difficult for you to find the exquisite preciousness of your own existence?

Do you feel you have no "wins"?
Is there a sense that every time you almost achieve something, it gets undermined?
From past losses, are you stopped from taking chances in your life that might open your life up to larger vistas?
Do you feel spread too thin?
Do you feel unmotivated?

Do you feel there is no place for you?
Is it difficult to find your own inner space to rest?
Is it difficult to love yourself as you are?
Do you feel scattered?
Do you feel alien?

Do you long for contact with others and feel it is not forthcoming?
Do you have problems with addiction, relationships repeating themselves, over- or under-eating, or making contact in a healthy way with the world?
Do you need to give yourself away to make a relationship work?
Do you put on a pretty face rather than allowing yourself to show up?
Do you have trouble feeling the pleasure of your life?

Do you long to be seen and received and heard?
Do you long to rest and have your place?
Do you have trouble letting yourself be with all your imperfections and finding self-love?
Do you struggle with accepting your existence as holy?
Do you need a renewed connection to your own essence or inner light?



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