My Healing Therapies

For thirty-five years, I've been researching and mastering many healing modalities – including physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, and spiritual traditions. My journey has taught me a way of working deeply, on multiple levels, to profoundly assist people who are committed to transformation.

When we confront our life's obstacles, we find that many levels of our being are interwoven in complex ways. We make progress in one area, then find a setback in another. My training has a breadth and depth that allows me to navigate and guide you to your deepest longing to fulfill your greatest potential.

Certified Barbara Brennan Hands of Light Healing
A powerful personal transformational healing modality that helps restore health and balance to the chakras. Looks at limiting beliefs that distort the energy body and cleanses and balances the energy field and helps you to align to your deepest purpose and wisdom.

Registered Craniosacral Therapy
Works with an inherent fluid life potency found within each of us. This vital force maintains, integrates, and nourishes all our life functions. Connects with our own body's inherent ability to heal and self-generate.

Nationally Certified Licensed Massage Therapy
Brings nurturing relaxation, relief from tension and stress, and releases held body patterns. Allows us to experience the inner oasis of our being.

Sound Therapy
with Planetary Gongs and Tibetal Bowls
Uses sound to bring us into release from tension and from chronic holding patterns, and into deep layers of greater relaxation and transformation. Awakens the body's fluid system, which allows for greater flexibility and softening of tightened tissues. Especially effective with closed head injuries. Nourishes body, mind, and spirit.

All things have an optimum rate of vibration, called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance. By exposing the body and brain to certain sound healing frequencies, they will begin to reonate with those frequencies, much like a drum that begins to vibrate with the rhythms around it.

Emotions and mental states also have resonant frequencies; this is the secret behind the transformational power of spiritual music and song, spoken prayers and chanted mantras. When exposed to a resonant sound healing frequency long enough, the body, mind, and emotions fall into sync. If you have ever been to a big concert or rave, or sing with a choir, or meditate with spoken mantras, you know the bodily feeling of being in turn with the sound. Through the mysticism of sound, we touch into the triumph of existence.

Kabbalistic Healing
Integrative Kabbalistic Healing is a transformative healing modality that incorporates 20th century insights from psychology and quantum physics, with 13th century mysticism from the Kabbalah. It is based on the understanding that true healing brings us face to face with our deepest self, where there's oneness with heaven and earth. Healing brings us back into our natural, unitive state of consciousness.

Deep within lies our life's longing for peace, happiness, safety,
well-being, and fulfillment of our dreams. To live our lives from that spark of spirit-light that lives within our hearts, helps us unfold into our life process in a way that is profound, fulfilling, and rewarding to heart, mind, and spirit.

Integrative Kabbalistic Healing provides a roadmap for that inner journey, to hear our inner voice and passion when it has become dim and faint from illness, injury, setback, or heartbreak. My role is to guide you there, to help remove the obstacles and awaken you to the potential of your life's deepest purpose and passion.

Pre & Peri Natal Birth Psychology
Brings awareness to the little one in us who experienced our birth, and the events before and after that may have caused trauma. This awareness can help resolve difficulties and patterns that people feel in their lives but can find no answer for. Helps us unite our spirit to our physical incarnation.

Trauma Healing
Restores the nervous system to a place of optimum balance and health after overwhelming traumatic events. Helps you come to understanding and resolution of traumatic events that may still be living inside of us long after the event is over.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy
Developed by Jack Rosenberg and Marjorie Rand, integrates psychotherapy with the body, allowing for true and lasting release and relief from long-held emotional, psychological, and physical difficulties. Lets us learn to connect to our inherent Oneness.

Jin Shin Tara
Works with acupressure points to open up meridians, to facilitate the body's healing, and to release trauma from body and mind. Reconnects us to our deepest roots.

Cold Laser Therapy
A painless, non-invasive treatment for pain syndromes, injuries, wounds, fractures, and neurological conditions. Low level lasers supply energy to the body in the form of non-thermal photons of light, optimizing the immune responses of our blood and producing positive effects throughout the whole body supplying vital oxygen and energy to every cell. Accelerates healing up to 60%.


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