In the work I've done with Hope, I have been able to enter into deep vulnerable places within myself that call out for healing, and I emerge with a stronger sense of self, wholeness, and well-being. Her integrity, presence, and ability to hold a safe space allows me to go into these depths for deep healing transformation. I really appreciate the work we have done together.
                                                                            – E.M., psychotherapist

My work with Hope has given me the direction, knowledge, and spiritual strength to overcome several major obstacles in my life. In my opinion, her intuitive abiltiy and extensive training have allowed her to zero in on what I have needed.
                                                                                    – C.M., homemaker

I see Hope when I'm in need of deep healing. She has the focus, clarity of intention, and loving presence that provides a safe place for this to happen. I enjoy her unique combination of spiritual and physical bodywork.
                                                                                    – J.P., teacher

In the space of one year, I was run over by a car, diagnosed with brain tumors, and divorced by my husband of 13 years –  I was crushed physically, mentally, and emotionally. My sessions with Hope have helped me regain my sense of joy and optimism. Working with her reminds me on my deepest levels that I have the strength and spunk
not only to survive, but to thrive and flourish.
                                                                                    – R.B., therapist

A session with Hope is not like going to therapy in the traditional sense. It's more like visiting an old friend who you can relax with and who knows you so well that they can get to the core issues even when you are stymied. Hope's background and training cover many modalities, all of which come into play so that a session may, for example, consist of talking, table work, sound, and movement. For me, Hope's sessions are special. I feel like I have gained a lot from her perceptive, empathetic, and creative methods of practice.
                                                                         – S.P., university instructor


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